Edhouse prototype

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Edhouse prototype is simple to use tool for prototyping mobile applications. It allows to create mock-ups of mobile applications right on your phone with iPFaces under the hood.

The tool allows you to define simple user interfaces and workflow schemas without writing single line of code. Define layouts of forms in few minutes and present it to your audience instantly.

What is it good for

  • expressing your concepts
  • showing prototypes to your customers
  • visualizing and testing possible use cases

How to get started

  1. Simply install the application through iTunes
  2. Run Edhouse prototype on your phone
  3. Create new project, enter unique name and choose your password
  4. Create forms and link them together
  5. Run your project

screenshot screenshot

The application connects to public service located on prototype.ipfaces.org, which manages and executes user's projects. As such, each project must be assigned with globally unique name. If you try to create new project and choose name which was already used by someone else, it asks you for a password. In such case, please choose different name for your new project.

Future plans

We think of generating iPFaces form definitions directly from prototype user projects in future. Prototype could generate source code in ASP.net, Java or PHP for you to be easily included in your real iPFaces projects. Please tell us if you would find such feature useful.